Apple iPhone 3GS

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Apple iPhone 3GS

Cell phones lose value over time! Do not delay because a phone that is worth money this week may not be worth nearly as much in the weeks to follow. 

Why sell to TheBlueDot?

  • Free shipping
  • Get paid quickly
  • Free data clearing of your device
  • No listing fees
  • We pay more than the competition

Poor: If the device has cracks, broken charging ports, does not power on, missing pieces on device or is not functional. 
Fair : Your device visually shows heavy use, body has dents or scratches, screen shows scrapes. 
Good : Your device shows normal use. Has a few scuffs on the body and has a near perfect display. 
Like New : Your deivce has no cosmetic flaws, and looks nearly identical to when you took out of the box when it was new.


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Sell Used Cell Phones

For every 100 cell phones or electronic devices we receive, we plant 100 trees in the Amazon Rainforest. TheBlueDot has partnered with the Nature Conservancy Plant a Billion campaign to give back to our community.

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