Who is TheBlueDot?

TheBlueDot is a reCommerce service that helps you sell your used electronics with ease. Do not let your gadgets gather dust and lose value over time! Whether you want to sell your iPhone, iPad, smartphone or other tablet device, TheBlueDot will help either get you paid top dollar for your device or make sure it is recylced properly.

What Happens When I Sell My Electronics to TheBlueDot?

Once we receive your used cell phones and other used electronics we inspect them to make sure their condition matches your evaluation. Then we send your payment. After this, we will recycle, refurbish or resell the used electronics we receive. 

What Electronics Can I Sell To TheBlueDot?

Currently we buy preloved, used cell phones, mp3 players and used tablet devices. For any device with a value of $1 or more, we will provide postage to send back the item free of charge. If your item does not have any cash value, we will recycle it for you free of charge. 

Sell Used Cell Phones

For every 100 cell phones or electronic devices we receive, we plant 100 trees in the Amazon Rainforest. TheBlueDot has partnered with the Nature Conservancy Plant a Billion campaign to give back to our community.

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